Why Twitter is the best platform for Digital Marketing?

On a platform like Twitter, which is entirely open almost without any kind of privacy restrictions, you can use to marketing your brand to your targeted audience directly with the ability to instantly measure the impact of your campaign.
Most of the people think that twitter’s main element is the Tweet or the Hashtag…
But, What about this?
The primary element in Twitter is the conversation itself. It’s two-way direction, and the reply can fly independently
Twitter conversation makes the public contributors instead of staying away in the dark as listeners.
Everyone speaks out loudly. Maybe replies gain all the attention instead of the main tweet itself.
The main difference between Twitter and other platforms, On Twitter, you can speak loudly about any topic, but on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, you only can write a comment with a smaller text than the main post.
Twitter where is the equality. Everyone is the same; everyone can express himself in 140 characters.
The combination of content and direct conversation around it makes Twitter the best social media platform for marketing Where you can use all the marketing techniques in one place. Like a word of mouth method when you use influencers, and B2B when you target another business and B2C when you target the consumers directly.
Tips for managing a great conversation about your brand on Twitter:
1- Respect your followers and keep in mind the user experience is always a challenge.
2- Know precisely your targeted audience and your current audience.
3- Think of the idea of the content, the reason behind posting it and the benefits you will gain before writing the content. Also, quality before quantity. spending a month thinking of a tweet is better than posting 100 ordinary tweets per day.
4- analyze your followers and try posting at different times until you know the best timing for tweeting.
5- engaging with your followers will help you to build a loyal community for your brand.
6- Instead of posting 10 independent tweets, write them in the thread. Use threads to revive your tweets and the conversation around it. Don’t let the conversation die.
7- How the users will react to this tweet? think about the sharable content from a user perspective
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